• Early Dismissals:

    Once students arrive at school, they are not to leave the school property.  To obtain an early dismissal a student will need to provide one of the following forms of authorization:

    • Phone call from verified Genesis phone number from a parent/guardian authorizing the early dismissal
    • Note from parent/guardian authorizing the early dismissal which includes reason, date, time requested, parent/guardian signature
    • Person on student's contact list can pick up a student after providing a photo ID


    Pep Rallies: 

    • In the event of a school pep rally, early dismissals are not considered excused.
    • In the event a student requires an early dismissal on a pep rally day, it is advantageous to send a note in to the Attendance office or to pick up prior to the start time of the pep rally (typical start time is 1:00pm).