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    Ceramics I is an introduction to working with clay and understanding the ceramic process from start to finish. The relationship between form and function will be critically examined as students learn basic hand building and techniques. The direction of their work will evolve as they reflect on their changing definitions of art.


    Ceramics I is designed for students who have never had ceramics at the high school level. Students are taught how to build pottery by use of pinch, coil and slab methods of construction. Special emphasis is placed on surface treatments such as relief, incised design, slip trailing, inlay, graffito, under glazing and other decorative techniques. In this class students learn how to communicate effectively, using the elements of art and principles of design: line, space, form, value, shape, color, texture and pattern.


    Ceramics II will build upon the handbuilding techniques learned in Ceramics 1 to more advanced projects and higher level glazing techniques. Students in Ceramics II will learn skills to create more intricate projects and throwing skills on the potter's wheel to create functional and sculptural works. Ceramics II students will dive deeper into cultural connections with the art form.


    Students learn to define, analyze and solve visual problems in three dimensions. They access and interpret information from a variety of sources as they create and explore with hand-building techniques, glazing techniques and maintenance of the ceramics studio. Students draw inspiration from the world around them, the works of other artists and from their own imaginations. Students also learn how to critically analyze a work of art, in order to achieve creative results.


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