Ms. Kellie Tonelli - SAC

    ktonelli@ewingboe.org        609-538-9800 X2162

    The Student Assistance Counselor, known as the SAC, attends to the non-academic needs of students.  This includes, but is not limited to:

    • substance abuse
    • mental health
    • social and family issues
    • anxiety
    • stress management
    • grief
    • decision making 
    • disordered eating
    • sexual orientation and gender identity exploration

    The SAC:

    • provides prevention and intervention resources and programs
    • identifies those in need of early intervention
    • makes appropriate referrals
    • supports students, parents, and faculty

    Prevention and intervention platforms include; individual counseling, group counseling, classroom lessons, and school-wide initiatives, often in collaboration with other helping professionals in the school (i.e., school counselors, CST, ASYSST).

    A Student Assistance Counselor is a confidential counselor for students and families to help in guiding students towards a healthy and happy lifestyle.  The goal is to ensure that all students are equipped with the skills and resources in order to grow socially and emotionally into adulthood.

    How to reach the SAC - Ms. Tonelli:

    • Students parents, teachers, and staff may refer a student through email or by calling Ms. Tonelli
    • Students are welcome to utilize the SAC at any time. 
    • If the SAC is not immediately available, students may simply request an appointment by filling out an appointment request form available in the EHS Guidance Office.

    ktonelli@ewingboe.org or 538-9800 X2162


    Please click here to enjoy the SAC Brochure