Ewing High School Class of 2022



    Chloe Paliabelos  -  cpaliabelos@ewingboe.org

    Timothy Gibbs - tgibbs@ewingboe.org


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    Remind: @ewing2022 or @ewing2022a

    Instagram: @ewinghigh2022

    Google Classroom: goti6zw


    Missed the meetings? No worries! Notes are linked below.

     September meeting: Look here.

    November meeting: Look here.

    December meeting: Look here.

    January meeting: Look here.

    February meeting: Look here.

    March meeting: Look here.

    April meeting: Look here.

    June meeting: Look here.




    Upcoming Events:  

    Weekly Bulletin 6/14/21





    Class of 2022 Parent Group Events

     This year I want to make our fundraising efforts for EHS 2022 Parent Group a lot easier by using a service called FlipGive. With FlipGive we can ask for donations, shop online with popular brands like Walmart, Apple, Under Armour or buy gift cards to restaurants and our team will earn cash! 

    Join our team now using our invite code BY6PF4 in one of 2 ways:
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    Remember to use FlipGive before you shop online so we'll earn cash back. If you make a purchase in the next 7 days we'll receive a $5 bonus!
    Class of 2022 Parent Group



    Just Write a Check Campaign

    Donate to the Class of 2022!

    Checks made payable to EHS Class of 2022

    Fill out the attached form above and mail to Laura Canavera

    Questions? Contact Janet Britton or Peggy Leary at EHS2022ParentGroup@gmail.com

    Just Write a Check Campaign