•  The Genesis Parent Access website is a safe, secure way to view your child’s school record for the current school year.


    Logging in to Parent Access

    Click here to access Genesis Parent/Student Access

    Genesis Parent Access


    Parent Access User Manual

    Click on the links below for Genesis Parent Access Manuals and step-by-step directions.

    Completing Required Forms and Documents

    Updating Contacts

    Setting Up Alerts in Parent Access

    What if I forgot my password?

    Checking Daily Attendance (K-8)

    Checking Daily and Class Attendance (EHS)

    Additional Tabs for in Parent Access (EHS and FMS)

    Viewing Report Cards

    Viewing Student IEP/Progress Report

    Parent Access Procedure for Parent Teacher Conferences

    Parent Access Manual

    This manual will guide you through the screens and how to use them.  Please be aware that you may not see every screen for every one of your students (if you have more than one student in the school district).  The school district chooses which screens can be made available.  Screens may not be displayed if they do not apply to your student.

    Contact information for you to review and update

    Bus information

    Daily and Classroom attendance

    Student Schedules

    Documents for your review and/or response

    Conduct Incidents

    Forms for you to complete

    Fees and Fines Owed

    Gradebook and Assignments

    Lunch balance

    Report Cards



    Getting a Parent Access Account

    When you provide your email address to the school office, they will set up a Parent Access account for you and send you an email with your username and password information.  You will need that information when you log into Parent Access. 

    • If you ever change your email, contact the school office to update your email and your Parent Access user account.
    • If you do not have an email account with a internet service provider such as gmail.com or yahoo.com, the school office can give you a userid that you can use at a public computer. If you can get to the internet, you can get to Parent Access.
    • Parent Access is available by mobile phone.
    • The first time you login, you’ll be prompted to change your password. Do not share it with your students because your account may be used for official sign-offs and permissions.


    What if I forgot my password?

    On the sign-in screen, click on the “Forgot Password” button.  On the next screen, enter your email (logon ID) and click on “Submit.”

    Check your email for a message containing your temporary password.  (It could take as long as 10-20 minutes.)  Then go to the Parent Access sign-in screen and log on using your temporary password.  You will be prompted to change your password.

    It may take as long as 10-20 minutes to receive the email.  It will come from "Genesis Admin" [genesisadmin@ewingboe.org] .

    If you don’t get it, check your Spam/Junk folders.

    Note:  If your logon id is not a real email address, contact the school office.  They will give you a new password.