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    eileen conte
     art teacher

    The very best way to contact me is via e-mail:  econte@ewingboe.org
    609.538.9800 ext. 8491


    Welcome to our space!
    I truly am passionate about teaching our students to love art. 

    Here's what's been happening in our studio:

    Kindergartners are continuing their learning clay techniques by flattening, smoothing, texturizing and shaping it with household items. They also are learning to use the appropriate language such as, handbuilding, slab, wedge, bisque, fire, kiln, texture and glaze.

    First graders are choosing sides.  After reading Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae and illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees, children make a case for whether or not giraffes actually can dance by drawing and painting a giraffe dancing or not dancing.  They promise to get the answer to this question when the visit the Philadelphia Zoo this May.

    Second grade students are busy following their Leo pendants by designing a clay sun face based on Mexican folk art.  Using radial symmetry to create a template, artists will cut their piece of clay and refine and smooth edges.  Once fired, children will plan glazing options.


    After learning about Faith Ringgold, third graders are determining where they would like to “fly over and claim” as part of a mixed media work in response to Ringgold’s Tar Beach.  They will combine drawing/painting with digital photography and quilt design.


    Fourth grade artists are purposely creating imperfect bowls which we call Not so ugly Ugly Pots.  This gives them an opportunity to hone skills by choosing the method which to complete the project.  They will also decide whether to texturize, add or subtract pieces of clay, and/or attach legs or feet.


    Our fifth grade students are hand building again.  This time they are creating  textured cylindrical pots.  

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