Barracuda Message Archive
    The Barracuda Message Archive (BMA) is an integrated hardware and software solution designed to archive email communications sent and received by users throughout our organization.  In order to comply with State and Federal requirements we are currently utilizing an E-mail archive system.  All e-mails sent and received to EWING e-mail systems are archived, along with any attachments they may contain.  E-mail users are able to search, browse, retrieve and forward those e-mails archived on the Message Archiver.
    Accessing the Barracuda Message Archiver
    To access the archive system, open any web browser and type this address  - http://bma.ewingboe.org:8000
    Login using your email username and password.
             Username - bmurray
             Password  - laugh9876
    Once you login your screen will look like this.

    Basic Search

    There will be a list of e-mails archived. There will likely be several to many pages of e-mails archived. In the leftmost column is an indicator specifying whether or not an e-mail included an attachment. Attachments are archived with the original e-mail they were attached to. In the upper portion of the screen is a search box which you can enter search terms.

    Enter a word or phrase within the e-mail that you want to retrieve. Type it into the Search window and click on Search. A list of e-mail messages that match that phrase will be shown. The more specific the search term or phrase, the fewer matches will need to sorted through to locate the desired e-mail.

    It should be important to note that the engine will match the search phrase EXACTLY (ignoring capitalization).

    Advanced search

    The Advanced Search tab permits the selection of detailed parts of e-mails to be searched. For example, one may search for the phrase “Ewing Snow Day” in e-mails from only specific senders on or before a specific date. Search parameters can be added to create a highly specialized match. Searches can also be saved so that they can be run again in the future.

    Viewing/previewing found e-mail

    Once the desired search results are found, select the desired message by clicking on it in the results list. A preview pane will open on the right hand of the screen. The default view is called “View Message” and is the clearest and easiest to read. It will contain recipient and sender information, the text of the e-mail and a link to any attachments that may be included in the e-mail. Attachments can be opened by clicking once on the link.

    Double-clicking on the message in the results list will open the message in “View Message” mode in a separate pop-up window. The “View Source” option is also available in this pop-up window.

    Saving/Sending e-mail

    A single message or multiple messages can be exported (saved) to a file or forwarded to an e-mail address. Single e-mail can be saved as an .EML file by clicking “Download” in the preview pane. To select multiple messages, use CTRL-Click or SHIFT-Click to select messages. Once the desired messages have been selected, click the menu item called “Tools.” Under that menu option, there are options to Export mail to a .ZIP or a .PST file. ZIP files are universally compatible with other computers such as Macs or Linux based machines. PST files can generally only be read by Microsoft Outlook or Outlook compatible mail readers. In most instances, it would be preferable to use .ZIP format or Forward the selection(s) to the desired e-mail address.

    Apple Archive App (click here to go to App Store)
    Install App from App Store
    Open App
    Please configure the App using your Ewing login credentials.
                   Email : bmurray@ewingboe.org
                   Password: funny9876
                   Host: bma.ewingboe.org
                   Port: 443
    Select "Login"
    Once you have successfuly singed in you screen will look like the one below.
    For a detailed IOS guide 
    Please click on the link below for a user guide for the Mobile Archive App.
    Android Archive App (click here to go to App Marketplace)
    Please click on the link below for a user guide for the Mobile Archive App.