Pre-Payment Information

    The Ewing Public Schools Food Services Information Letter for 2019-20

    POS Deposit Form
     Update information for 2019-20:

    The program the district  uses for parents to put money on their students account (Payschools) just informed the district that parents can now put money on account AND fill out a free/reduced meal application on the same website using the same log in information.

    This website is http://www.payschoolscentral.com.​ 

    PAYSCHOOLSCENTRAL- Deposit money to your child's account online at PAYSCHOOLSCENTRAL.  You will need to have your student(s) ID number(s) and a credit card &/or checking account number to register. Parent/Guardians may call or e-mail the Food Service Office to obtain your child's ID number.
    IF YOU ARE USING AUTO-REPLENISH:  at the beginning of each school year it must be restarted.  This may require an initial manual deposit.  Your student's account balances must be above the auto-replenish amount to begin.  Please call or email Food Service if you have any questions.