Lore School in a Nutshell



    MAIN OFFICE:  (609) 538-9800 Ext. 6100                                                 NURSE:  (609) 538-9800 Ext. 6125

    Morning Drop-off Options:

    • 7:00 AM - Morning Extended Day Program (EDP) Begins (must be registered).
      • Park your car and walk your child into the building usind Door 9 (side of the building).
      • Your child must be registered for EDP.  See registration information below.
    • 8:15 AM - Breakfast Program Begins
      • Park along front curb and watch your child enter the building using Door 1 (front of the building).
      • Any child can take advantage of this Breakfast Program, but he/she must purchase breakfast.  A student who receives free/reduced lunch will qualify for free/reduced breakfast as well.
    • 8:50 - 9:10 AM - Morning Drop-off
      • Pull into the front driveway and drive to Door 1, where your child will be greeted by a staff member.
      • There is no supervision prior to 8:50 AM, so please remain with your child until a teacher arrives.
    • After 9:10, you must park your car and walk your child into the Main Entrance (Door 1).  At this time, a student is considered tardy.

    Tardy or Late to School:

    • 8:50 - The bell rings and students are welcomed by Lore School staff.
    • 9:10 - Students must be escorted into the building by a parent/guardian.  At 9:10, a student is considered tardy.

    Early Pick-up from School:  Only a parent-authorized contact may pick up student (photo ID required).

    Afternoon Dismissal Procedures (3:40 PM):

    • Bus Dismissal
      • Students will be dismissed to their buses as each bus arrives in the side driveway.
      • A parent note is required if a student is assigned to a bus but will not be riding the bus on a particular day.
    • Walker Pick-up
      • Place the pink or green NAME SIGN on your dashboard as you approach Lore School.  If you have not received your NAME SIGN, please contact the Main Office at (609) 538-9800, ext. 6100.
      • Please be prepared to show photo ID when picking a child up from Lore School.  While this may be inconvenient, it is for your child's safety, so we thank you for understanding.
      • Enter the front dirveway and proceed along the curb in front of the building.  You are to remain in your car; your child will be waiting for you with a dismissal teacher at Door 1.
      • If the line of cars extends onto Westwood Drive, we ask that you wait patiently and proceed into the front driveway once the line moves forward.  Please do not drive past this line of cars, as it creates a safety concern for students and staff at dismissal.
      • If you park on a side street and walk to Door 1, please use the sidewalks to ensure student safety.

    Changes to Dismissal Procedures:

    • If there is a change in your child's dismissal plan for the day, you MUST provide a note, an email or call the main office BEFORE 3:00 PM.  A note or email is preferred and is greatly appreciated.
    • Please make every effort to contact the Main Office at ext. 6100 BEFORE 3:00 PM for any dismissal changes.

    Absences:     Call (609) 538-9800, ext. 6100 to report an absence.  Please also send a note to school with your child when he/she returns, stating the reason for his/her absence.  If you visited a doctor's office, a note from the doctor is appreciated, as this will "excuse" the absence.

    Instant Alert:  http://www.instantalert.honeywell.com  Parents are responsible for updating Instant Alert contact information and message setings.

    Extended Day Program (EDP):  To register your child or for additional information, contact Michele Garrison at (609) 538-9800, ext. 7179 or visit our website under Ewing Public Schools<Distict Information<Extended Day Program.

    Emergency Closing:  You will receive an Instant Alert.  Please keep your Instant Alert information updated.

    Delayed Opening:  You will receive an Instant Alert, and the district and school websites will be updated.  School will start at 10:30 AM.  Your bus will come 1 1/2 hours (90 minutes) late.

    Lunch Account:

    • Review the status of your child's account or add money online at https://www.PaySchoolsCentral.com 
    • Money sent in to school must be in an envelope with the student's first and last name, his/her teacher's name, and the words "Lunch Money" written on the envelope.
    • If your child forgets his/her lunch money, only a complete lunch may be charged (no snacks), and money charged to his/her account must be repaid the next day.

    Birthday Treats:

    • Bite size items only; no balloons or gifts; no "mini-parties"
    • Items are to be left in the Main Office for teacher pick-up.
    • If your child is in a "Peanut Free" classroom, please send appropriate snacks including pretzels, popcorn, cheese snacks, fruit, peanut-free cookies or crackers, fruit snacks or gummies, or "School Safe Baked Goods" purchased at a local supermarket.

    Lost & Found:  Located in the cafeteria.  Please label all clothing and other items with your child's name.

    Medicine at School:  Call Nurse Sobey at ext. 6125 for information and forms or go to the Lore School Website<Parents and Students<School Health Office.

    Homework Hotline:  Some teachers share homework in a weekly homework folder, others use the Lore School agenda book, and some use Google Classroom.  Each teacher will share his/her homework expectations at Back to School Night in September.  As always, please contact your child's teacher directly by phone or email with questions or concerns.

    Weekly Bulletin:  Posted on website under Lore School<Site Shortcuts<Bulletin.

    Monthly Calendar:  Posted on the district website under Lore<Upcoming Events.

    Code of Conduct:  Please refer to the district website for the Elementary Behavior Guide (District Regulations 5600.1).  You can access the Behavior Guide on the district website<Board of Education<Board Policies and Regulations<Search Regulations<type "Elementary Behavior Guide"<choose Regulation 5600.1



    For further details go to the district website http://www.ewing.k12.nj.us<Lore School<Site Shortcuts<Lore Virtual Backpack.  This information is updated daily.