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    Contact Information
    Ms. Maria Petsos

    Director of Special Services, Grant Management & Innovation 

    (609) 538-9800 x7176

    Email:  mpetsos@ewingboe.org

    District Supervisor of Special Education, Grades Pre-K to 5:
    Antheil Elementary, Lore Elementary and Parkway Elementary and O'Brien Academy
    Mr. David Hauserman (609)538-9800 x3701
    District Supervisor of Special Education, Grades 6-12: 
    Ewing High and Fisher Middle Schools
    Ms. Shantè Middleton  (609)538-9800 x 2178
    Supervising Secretary, Special Services:
    Erica Cook (609)538-9800 x7176
    The I&RS forms for use by the staff of The Ewing Public Schools for Intervention & Referral Services are available under the Curriculum & Instruction tab.