Welcome to the Payroll Department website! 
    The Payroll Department is located at 2099 Pennington Road in the Ewing Public Schools Administration Offices.  Felicia, Rosa, and Dino would like to extend a welcome to all new staff and a welcome back to all returning staff.  This website is where you can come to retrieve information and forms on all aspects relating to payroll and employee benefits.  We hope you find this website to be useful and visit it often!
    Our contact information:       Michael Colling, Comptroller/Payroll Supervisor
    (609) 538-9800 x1304
                                               Rosa Lopez-Johnson, Payroll Manager
                                               (609) 538-9800 x1501
    Dino Gromitsaris, Assistant Head Bookkeeper-Payroll
    (609) 538-9800 x1502