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  • National School Nurse Day - Wednesday, May 12, 2021

    School Nurse Day is May 12, 2021, Florence Nightingale’s birthday!

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  • EHS Senior Spotlight May 2021: Meet Aaron Zaggi

    What is your favorite quote or book? “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” -JFK

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  • EHS Theater Program Presents: Almost, Maine

    On March 12th, 2020, school districts around the state and nation shut down as a result of the emerging COVID-19 pandemic. Although there were many tragedies and sacrifices during this public health crisis, there was a profound sense of loss and disappointment within the always impressive Ewing High School theater program. Their production of Suessical was set to hit the stage the next week. That would never happen. Fast forward to 2021...Ewing High School’s production of the socially-distant, virtually presented Almost, Maine was born.

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  • Immediate Release: Ewing Township Health Department Offering COVID-19 Vaccines for EHS Students 18 Years or Older

    The Ewing Township Health Department is hosting vaccine clinics and Ewing High School students who are 18 years of age or older are able and encouraged to sign-up for the COVID-19 vaccine. At this time the Ewing Township Health Office is offering the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, a two dose vaccine. 'CLICK' this headline NOW for link and information on how to sign-up for your COVID-19 vaccine!

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  • Important District Release: Hybrid A/B Scheduling Restriction to End at EHS/FMS

    Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we navigate the COVID-19 public health crisis. After thoughtful deliberation, we have made the decision to invite all Ewing High School and Fisher Middle School A/B “in-person” students in for daily instruction effective Monday, May 10th, 2021. Please read this important communication from the Superintendent.

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  • Ewing Public Education Foundation (EPEF)

    EPEF is an independent non-profit organization and every year we continue to meet our goals of giving back to our community. For 25 years, we have risen over $770,000 but we couldn’t do it without you our valued Partners.

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  • The Ewing Public Schools Board of Education BOE Briefs: April 26th, 2021

    On April 26th, at the regular Board of Education Meeting held in Fisher Middle School’s auditorium, the Board of Education approved the final school budget for the 2021-22 school year. This was the concluding step in the stipulated budget-building process along with the required public hearing on the budget, which occurred last evening prior to the Board’s vote. Superintendent Michael Nitti and School Business Administrator had previously given their budget presentation entitled “Staying Strong: Moving Forward,” a reference to the district’s theme of “Ewing Strong; All in this Together” as the school system navigates the multi-faceted challenges of the COVID public health crisis.

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  • Immediate Release: Ewing BOE Announces New Parkway Elementary School Principal

    At its April 26th meeting, the Ewing Township Board of Education approved Mrs. Michelle Conway as the new principal of Parkway Elementary School. Mrs. Conway’s selection marks the conclusion of a process that began in January, after longtime Parkway principal Nicole Harris announced her retirement. The principal position opening was advertised widely and over 60 applications were received. A principal search committee consisting of community stakeholders with expertise and relevance interviewed the top 11 candidates, with three finalists being recommended for comprehensive concluding interviews with the superintendent’s district administrative team. Mrs. Conway will assume her duties as principal of Parkway Elementary School on July 1st. Please 'click' this headline for the press release. Thank you.

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  • Alumni Update: Get to know Glenn Cain EHS ’03!

    Glenn is currently the Associate Director of Strength & Conditioning at Rutgers University where he works directly with the Women's Basketball Program, headed by Hall of Fame Coach C. Vivian Stringer. Please 'click' this headline to enjoy Glenn's interview and learn more about his road to success!

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  • Overview of 2021 Spring Events during this Public Health Crisis

    Again, thank you for your support as we approach the conclusion of what has certainly been a challenging school year. We are excited about the return of many special spring events that we lost last year at the onset of the pandemic. They may look a bit different than they have in the past, but we are happy to provide these experiences for our students and families. Please 'click' this headline for an overview of where we are with regard to planning, as of this writing, with some of our “end of year” events and activities. Please keep in mind that like everything these days, things can still change.

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  • The Ewing Public Schools - Providing a Foundation for Life  

    "Providing a Foundation for Life"

    2020-21 District Theme:

    "Ewing Strong:  All in this Together"  

     How to Complete the Daily COVID-19 Screening Form in Genesis Parent Access 

    Remote Learning Program Coordinators: 

    Antheil Elementary School:               

                    Grades K-2:        Ms. Maria Petsos

                                               Email:  mpetsos@ewingboe.org

                                               Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X4154                   

                    Grades 3-5:      Mr. Clifford “Kip” Harrison

                                             Email:  charrison@ewingboe.org

                                             Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X4102 

    Lore Elementary School:               

                    Grades K-2:         Mr. Don Wahlers

                                                Email:  dwahlers@ewingboe.org

                                                Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X5155                     

                    Grades 3-5:         Mrs. Kelly Kawalek

                                                Email:  kkawalek@ewingboe.org

                                                Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X6102        

    Parkway Elementary School:            

                    Grades K-2:        Ms. Sara Graja

                                               Email: sgraja@ewingboe.org

                                               Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X2156 

                    Grades 3-5:         Mrs. Nicole Harris

                                                Email:  nharris@ewingboe.org

                                               Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X5102 

    Fisher Middle School:               

                    Grade 6:              Mr. Scott Sheplock

                                                Email:  ssheplock@ewingboe.org

                                                Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X3104               

                    Grade 7:               Mr. Hugh Dwyer

                                                 Email:  hdwyer@ewingboe.org

                                                 Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X3109                               

                    Grade 8:               Dr. Maggy Hanna

                                                 Email:  mhanna@ewingboe.org

                                                 Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X3102 

    O’Brien Academy:               

                    Grades K-8:          Mr. David Hauserman

                                                 Email:  dhauserman@ewingboe.org

                                                 Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X3701 

    Ewing High School:               

                      Grade 9:               Mr. Brock Mislan

                                                  Email:  bmislan@ewingboe.org

                                                  Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X2152               

                    Grade 10:             Mr. Ernie Covington

                                                 Email:  ecovington@ewingboe.org

                                                Phone number:   1 (609) 538-9800 X2126  

                    Grade 11:            Ms. Shalieka Jarrett

                                                Email:  sjarrett@ewingboe.org

                                                Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X2109 

                    Grade 12:            Mr. Edward Chmiel

                                               Email:  echmiel@ewingboe.org

                                                Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X2102 

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