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  • Parkway Students to Take Part in Envision’s National Youth Leadership Forum: Pathways to STEM

    Ewing, NJ – This summer, Parkway School student, Serenity Charles, will join outstanding elementary school students from across the state to take part in a unique academic and career-oriented development experience, the National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF): Pathways to STEM, taking place at The College of New Jersey in Ewing, New Jersey. Next year, the summer of 2022, Parkway School student, Rhian Dorival will attend the program.

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  • Ewing School Unified Programs Celebrate Respect Week!

    The Ewing Township Public Schools' Unified Programs hosted their annual Respect Week from May 17th to May 21st! In previous years, the district's Respect Week hosted a weeklong of themed dress up days and culminated with Unified Field Days. This year due to the pandemic, the district's Unified Clubs and advisors designed a Covid-friendly outdoor Respect Week full of engaging activities for students in general education and special education classes across the district.

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  • Ewing High School Celebrates the Class of 2021

    Over $300K in Scholarships Bestowed at Ewing High School Senior Celebration Night Marks-Lake, Tolleris Memorial, Joshua Scott Memorial Awards Highlight

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    Ewing High School has a rich history of achievement in the arts and activities, and the school is home to many talented and skilled students, who excel in a myriad of clubs, programs and offerings. At the Ewing High School’s “Senior Celebration”, held on Bruce Martz Field on Thursday, June 10th, EHS faculty advisor Kelly Hammer recognized the outstanding senior program student award winners for the school’s many clubs and activities.

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    Male Female Athletes of the Year/Karas-McGurk Awards Presented

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  • EHS Student-Athletes Make College Commitments

    It was a scholastic sports year unlike any other, with the COVID-19 pandemic upending high school athletics for over a year, but many Ewing High School student-athletes had the opportunity to put on the blue and white and represent the Blue Devils. Once again this year, a number of EHS student-athletes from the Class of 2021 have declared their plans to continue their athletic career at the collegiate level and announced their college commitments.

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  • EHS English Teacher Releases New Book

    Ewing High School English teacher Nicole Bailey-Williams is a 4th generation educator with 28 years of teaching experience to her credit. For most of her teaching career, she has begun every semester with a letter that she crafts to her students, and their first assignment is always to write back to her. While her letters have not been personalized, they have sparked wonderful relationships with her high school students who recognized the letters as both introductions to AND investments in them. Please 'click' to enjoy this article.

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  • Unified Program Showcases Fitness Trackers!

    The Ewing Schools have been a leader with regard to inclusive instruction and athletics, spiced with a little innovation. That was again displayed this May, as Ewing Township's Unified Programs received fitness trackers to help motivate participation in fitness activities and initiatives for Ewing students across the district from the Ewing Township Education Association (ETEA).

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  • Mr. Griffiths Leaves a Lasting Legacy

    The Ewing Schools Community was deeply saddened by the passing of longtime Ewing High educator Dave Griffiths last October. The popular teacher, coach and Ewing native, who touched many lives during his long career, had recently retired and moved to North Carolina. As it turned out, Mr. Griffiths was not done teaching, nor positively impacting the Ewing School community. In his will, Griffith bequeathed many mementos, souvenirs and historical items from his lengthy global travels to Ewing High School. Please 'click' this headline to read article.

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  • EHS Senior Spotlight: Meet Kayla Hawkins

    What is your favorite quote or book? "Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value." - Albert Einstein

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  • The Ewing Public Schools - Providing a Foundation for Life  

    "Providing a Foundation for Life"

    2020-21 District Theme:

    "Ewing Strong:  All in this Together"  

     How to Complete the Daily COVID-19 Screening Form in Genesis Parent Access 

    Remote Learning Program Coordinators: 

    Antheil Elementary School:               

                    Grades K-2:        Ms. Maria Petsos

                                               Email:  mpetsos@ewingboe.org

                                               Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X4154                   

                    Grades 3-5:      Mr. Clifford “Kip” Harrison

                                             Email:  charrison@ewingboe.org

                                             Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X4102 

    Lore Elementary School:               

                    Grades K-2:         Mr. Don Wahlers

                                                Email:  dwahlers@ewingboe.org

                                                Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X5155                     

                    Grades 3-5:         Mrs. Kelly Kawalek

                                                Email:  kkawalek@ewingboe.org

                                                Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X6102        

    Parkway Elementary School:            

                    Grades K-2:        Ms. Sara Graja

                                               Email: sgraja@ewingboe.org

                                               Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X2156 

                    Grades 3-5:         Mrs. Nicole Harris

                                                Email:  nharris@ewingboe.org

                                               Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X5102 

    Fisher Middle School:               

                    Grade 6:              Mr. Scott Sheplock

                                                Email:  ssheplock@ewingboe.org

                                                Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X3104               

                    Grade 7:               Mr. Hugh Dwyer

                                                 Email:  hdwyer@ewingboe.org

                                                 Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X3109                               

                    Grade 8:               Dr. Maggy Hanna

                                                 Email:  mhanna@ewingboe.org

                                                 Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X3102 

    O’Brien Academy:               

                    Grades K-8:          Mr. David Hauserman

                                                 Email:  dhauserman@ewingboe.org

                                                 Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X3701 

    Ewing High School:               

                      Grade 9:               Mr. Brock Mislan

                                                  Email:  bmislan@ewingboe.org

                                                  Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X2152               

                    Grade 10:             Mr. Ernie Covington

                                                 Email:  ecovington@ewingboe.org

                                                Phone number:   1 (609) 538-9800 X2126  

                    Grade 11:            Ms. Shalieka Jarrett

                                                Email:  sjarrett@ewingboe.org

                                                Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X2109 

                    Grade 12:            Mr. Edward Chmiel

                                               Email:  echmiel@ewingboe.org

                                                Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X2102 

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