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Fisher Middle School: Soaring Above and Beyond!

Historical legend has it that sentries who served on the Great Wall of China would spend their entire lives within 100 meter spans of the structure.


For Fisher Middle School Principal Ms. Brower, it is a concept to which she can somewhat relate.


Ms. Brower is now in her eleventh year as Principal at Fisher, a building she first walked into as a kindergarten student in the early 1970s. Principal Brower initially spent six years in Fisher as an elementary school student and then returned, as all students did in Ewing at the time, for two more years as a junior high student.


After graduating Ewing High School in 1982, Ms. Brower earned a degree in health and physical education from West Chester University, and then returned to, you guessed it, Fisher as a teacher. After 15 years as a teacher, Ms. Brower began her path to the principalship in 2001, serving first as a Dean, then as Assistant Principal prior to being named the school’s leader in 2006.


So, if you add it all up, that’s 33 years inside the Fisher School building.


“There are certainly not many places a student can hide from me,” joked Principal Brower.


“In all seriousness, it has been an honor to be part of Fisher Middle School for so long,” she continued. “I care deeply about the school and kids, and it has been wonderful to see so many students come through over the years, and go on to do great things and make valuable contributions.”


As Principal Brower focuses on the current school year, she believes that there are many great programs and endeavors that are emblematic of Fisher’s tradition yet point to a bright future.


“Our theme of ‘Soaring Above and Beyond’ permeates everything we do,” she shared.


“Over the past few years, we have implemented our Positive Behavioral System which teaches the students how to be safe in school, take ownership of their actions and school work, achieve to their highest potential, and respect everybody and their school.”


Principal Brower is also excited about the school’s upcoming Challenge Day in March which in this era of such concern about bullying and respect, teaches the students to overcome barriers, and inspires participants to live, study and work in an environment of acceptance and understanding.


“It really is a great day, and wonderful to be a part of,” Principal Brower stated.

The Fisher program is also dedicated to developing well-rounded students. “We have always had a top-flight instrumental and vocal music program and arts courses, and we are proud to continue to offer a comprehensive middle school sports program. We had a successful fall season, and our winter sports season is off to a great start, highlighted by an undefeated wrestling team.”


“The best thing about my job as principal is seeing students achieve in the classroom, arts or in athletics,” she concluded. “It never gets old, even after all these years in the same place.”