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EHS Students Win Gold at NYC Trade Show!



Ewing Schools Student Success Stories!


Business students from Ewing High School won Gold at the 2017 Virtual International Trade Show Competition held in New York City.

Piece of Cake  



Five students from Mr. Perricone’s International Business Practice Firm class participated in the Virtual International Trade Show (VITS).


The trade show is the largest exhibition of practice businesses in the United States. This annual competition brings together more than 3,000 students, educators, business leaders, industry professionals, and budding entrepreneurs from over forty countries. 


During this event, students from Ewing High School’s virtual company, Piece of Cake, Inc., set out to design and build a booth at the Virtual Enterprises International Trade Show. The trade show booth competition allows companies to highlight their product(s) and/or service(s) and to increase sales of their company. Students were judged on the following criteria:


First Impressions:  At first glance, how well does the booth grab your attention and draw you in?


Content:  How well does the booth uniquely reflect the company, its product(s) and/or service(s)?


Presentation: To what degree is the booth displayed in a professional manner? Is the booth neat, clean, and      make efficient use of space and resources?


Staffing:  To what degree is the booth adequately staffed by company employees?


EHS’ Piece of Cake Team, which consists of Reese Hunt, Elton Patenaude, Justin Macellaro, Anthony Torres, and Miles McCoy, walked away with top honors in the competition.


“We are very proud of our students,” Mr. Perricone stated. “They worked very hard, and it was a very competitive field.  It was an honor to represent Ewing High School, and I thank them for their efforts.”