The Ewing Public Schools
2014-2015 BOE GOALS

Each summer, the Ewing Township Board of Education and the administration meet in a retreat setting to review the state of the district, discuss the progress made on the previous year's Board goals, and shape new goals for the upcoming school year in a collaborative and collegial manner.


For 2014-2015, the Board and the administration have established one encompassing goal for each of the major school district areas of: Personnel, Operations, Governance, Curriculum and Instruction and Fiscal Management.


Following are the 2014-2015 Board of Education goals. 


Goal 1: Personnel
Maintain a focus on attracting and retaining effective certified teaching staff members.  Continue to develop evaluation and mentoring programs that are designed to promote professional growth and instructional improvement.


Goal 2: Operations
The district will continue to involve relevant stakeholders in decisions that will enhance school security planning and operations and implement programs and approaches that create a positive, harmonious and safe school culture.


Goal 3: Governance
Research and analyze the potential impact of proposed local housing growth on the school district.  Enhance communication with involved parties regarding potential growth in the township and the fiscal and educational consequences for the school district.


Goal 4: Curriculum/Instruction

Advance district curriculum implementations and teaching/learning practices that will meet the Common Core Standards in ELA/Math and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) requirements as the district prepares for the newly designed PARCC assessment.


Goal 5:  Fiscal Management
 Identify opportunities for alternative revenue streams and other efficiencies within the existing budget structure.