BOE Goals for 2016-2017 

Each summer, the Ewing Township Board of Education and the administration meet in a retreat setting to review the state of the district, discuss the progress made on the previous year's Board goals, and shape new goals for the upcoming school year in a collaborative and collegial manner.  

For 2016-2017, the Board and the administration have established one encompassing goal for each of the major school district areas of: Personnel, Operations, Governance, Curriculum and Instruction and Fiscal Management.

Following are the 2016-2017 Board of Education goals.    

Goal 1: Personnel

Emphasize the importance of all Ewing Public School employees demonstrating the highest standards of professional behavior and constituent relations in their service to the Ewing School community. 

Goal 2: Operations

Continue to implement facility, technological and human resources processes that promote safe learning environments and encourage the maximization of facility utilization for students and the school community.  

Goal 3: Governance

Continue to advance the district’s mission with regard to environmentally-friendly initiatives, energy-saving endeavors, and transportation efficiency efforts to promote sustainability, cost-savings, and improved services. 

Goal 4: Curriculum and Instruction

Work with relevant stakeholders to investigate and evaluate programmatic and curricular initiatives which positively impacts the social, emotional and academic development of the students of The Ewing Public Schools. 

Goal 5:  Fiscal Management

Taking into consideration fiscal challenges, explore alternative revenue sources and ideas to improve and enhance the district’s infrastructure and address facility needs.