Fisher Middle School Information 
 Please check the community information page of the Virtual Backpack for events and activities sponsored by the Ewing Recreation Center, summer camp information and other Mercer County area events and activities.
 Summer camp information for Ewing Rec, Mercer County, Princeton U, etc., may be found on the community information page of the virtual backpack.
Posted:  05/24/17          Adventureland 8th Grade Trip Letter
Posted:  3/23/17           2016-17 Parent Presentation 
Posted:  01/06/17         Mercer Area Calendar 2016-17
Posted:  9/2/16             SAC Letter 2016 
Posted:  8/1/16             Cafeteria Point of Sale Letter 2016-2017
Posted:  9/2/16             Web Media Release Form 
Posted: 9/2/16          FMS Behavior Guide
Posted:   7/22/16          Genesis Parent Portal Form